Friction Belt

Our friction belts are custom made. With the leathers N°0 and N°30, full grain leathers, they generate very few particles unlike friction belts made from split leather. They offer high tensile strength, inextensibility, and high coefficient of friction. The bull hides are sorted by thickness to fit perfectly over the entire length of the bandage. Our friction belt combine mineral tanned leather for friction, vegetable leather for bending the belt and nylon to prevent the belt from elongation.
Technical specifications


Based on mineral and vegetable tanned leather, molded joints offer high resistance to perforation, tearing, bending, abrasion and traction. Its exceptional physicomechanical capacities (flexibility, resistance, absorption capacity) make it a material that compares advantageously with composite materials. This leather will also be able to resist to water, oil and air. The leather material does not fix itself as it ages. It will marry continuously her contact materials and their roughnesses of wear.
Technical specifications

Flat Belts

The flat belts are available in bi-material (mineral stretched and vegetable tanned leather) or simply mineral, or vegetable tanned leather. The belt is the intimate combination of leather with a high coefficient of friction and stretched nylon, giving the whole a high tensile strength. The perfect adherence and endless execution of the two-material belts ensures both smoothness and elimination of slipping and trepidation.
Technical specifications


Pickers are made on demand, from your models or your specifications. The use of leather pickers offers many advantages, including durability, strength and working comfort. Leather, in addition to its mechanical characteristics, is much less noisy at impact due to its shock absorption capacity. RADERBELT® has made custom-made cleats for more than a century. The weight is measured to the gram to ensure a perfect balance
Technical specifications

Mixed Belt

The mixed belt is made with a traction nylon stretch band, placed between two layers of mineral tanned leather, or between a mineral tanned leather and a protective fabric.
  • - High polyamide resistance to traction - Total non-extensibility
  • - High friction coefficient of mineral tanned leather
  • - Insensitivity to external agents (temperature variations, humidity, oil projections, grease, steam)
  • - Elasticity to absorb shocks. Flexibility and lightness
Technical specifications


The bellows of mineral or vegetal tanned leather are suitable for vents or protections of machines (robots, cylinders, guide pins). They are weatherproof and oils resistant. The assembly by wet molding and/or sewing can then be protected by coating. The leather bellows are very coveted in environments constrained to fire or abrasive projections. We alternate the outer and inner flanges. Depending on the need, a crimping by a collar is placed therein.
Technical specifications